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- Plato

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that may not be answered in the following list or throughout our site, please feel free to Contact Us. We would love to hear from you!


1) How many children are in each room?

This depends on the square footage of the room and ratio of age group.

2) Can my child attend if he/she has a specific allergy?

We welcome children with allergies. Specific allergies will be noted on intake forms. We will accommodate your child by  changes in the menu or activities when needed.

3) What happens if I am running late to pick my child up?

We understand that things come up that might cause you to be late . Please just give us a call to let us know.

4) How am I billed and how often?

Our bills go out once a week on Tuesdays. The bill shows your charges from the previous week.

5) When do I have to pay my bill?

Your bill will need to be paid by the Friday after receiving it.

6) What does my child do during the day?

Each Teacher plans developmentally appropriate activities for each day. Some of the daily activities include: circle, calendar, story time, centers, fine motor play, large motor play, outside play, projects, games, music, nutrition activities and quiet time when children may nap or rest quietly. Check out the Monthly Room Lessons for your child's center.

7) What if my child is sick?

If your child is sick and will not be attending for the day please call the office.

8) What if my child care schedule needs changed?

A schedule is turned in every Tuesday for the following week. If your schedule changes after you have turned it in, please let the office know as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to provide care for your child. The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services licensing requires that we maintain strict staff to child ratios for each age group.

9) When does my child eat?

We serve breakfast a 8 am, a morning snack at 10 am, lunch at 12 pm and an afternoon snack at 2:30 pm. Check out the Menu page to see what is being served.

10) What does my child need to bring with him/her?

This depends on age. Infants needs: formula, bottle, blanket, pacifier, extra clothes, diapers, wipes and baby food. Toddlers and 2's needs: blanket, pacifier, extra clothes, diapers and wipes. 3/4/5's needs: blanket and extra clothes.

11) What if someone else has to drop off or pick my child up?

Anyone picking up your child must be on the pick up list that is included in the intake papers. You may change your pick up list in person at the office. The person picking up your child will be asked to show identification to verify. Please let the Teacher know who will be picking up or dropping off.

12) How do I find out if CUCCC is closing due to weather?

If we close, we will broadcast the closing on television station KWWL.


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